Friday, April 25, 2014

The Hem of His Garment Bible Study Online

The Hem Bible Studies Online
Virtual Conference Booth

"Beautiful, inspiring, and heart filling.
This is one of the most anointed web sites I've visited
and will continue to do so in the future…"

Who Are They?

Ameerah Lewis, FounderThe Hem of His Garment Bible Study Online Ministry is a unique Christian website designed to help YOU connect with God through His Word!

Reaching over 40,000 Believers each month, for many The Hem Bible studies is a place of quiet in a world of noise. It offers everything from email Bible studies and prayer journals to audio lessons and interactive Bible classes.

"Blessings to you Ameerah,
I am really enjoying your free e-courses
and God has been really speaking to me through them.
I really appreciate your time that you put into this work."

Their Purpose:

The Hem Bible Studies exists for one reason – To help you develop an intimate relationship with God!

As 21st Century Christians, we can often find ourselves with so many things on our plate. We want to reach out to God, but we just can't figure out HOW? But, since The Hem puts all of these powerful resources online, it allows Christians from across the globe to reach out to God at anytime and from anywhere.

It let's you turn even a simple lunch break into a powerful Holy Ghost celebration!

"It is so refreshing
to hear Ameerah teach scriptures.
Its like having a talk with your best friend."

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